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Pest Control

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prices for your services?

Cedar Pest & Property Services™ applies a customised plan to each client in accordance to property needs. Each service plan takes considers your home area, specific insect problem or occurrence your homes surrounding environment.

We offer a no obligation free quote and may offer an inspection if necessary.

Your highly trained specialist will be able to inspect your premises, assess the situation, develop scientifically proven customized solutions, implement these solutions and continue to monitor the situation to achieve long-lasting results.

My current provider has been spraying my facility for a cockroach pest problem, but the roaches keep coming back. What’s the problem?

Cockroaches are tricky and we are training to recognise and break the roaches life cycle, without doing this they are very hard to exterminate. Our inspection will help determine our plan of extermination.

Will my pets be safe when spraying?

We pride ourselves in ensuring all necessary provisions and applications are made suitable to ensure our beloved pets are kept safe, depending on the type of pet this may mean, removing them from the property for a necessary period, or enclosing in a pen etc. we will talk you through our best possible solution for them and you before proceeding.

How do I know what type of pest problem I have?

Our expert technician will be able to inspect and identify your pest situation when on site and will arrange a suitable and reliable extermination service.

Identification Charts

Please feel free to download the Cockroach and Spider Identification Charts below. These are handy to have on your fridge in case of any emergency or to help you identify which creepy crawlies you have in your property.

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